Project – “La scala di seta”

3 Aprile 2013 NewsProjects

Project La scala di seta” (Hybrid-art in opera scenography)
2011 – 2012

The project is the interdisciplinary pilot development of the synthesis of traditional opera performance and the modern video-art and hybrid art as the multimedia set design. Besides the local product –performance the project is aimed at the process of cooperation as the important component of the general objective.

The strategic part of the project is integration and participation in the European cultural life through the natural assistance and cooperation of artists, managers, curators of the Black Sea countries: preparation of basis for Batumi Visual and Performance Art Biennale and creation of basis for the Black Sea Cultural Network of Visual and Performance Art.

Goal of the project: To promote establishment f a new type of international/interdisciplinary cooperation among the professionals form the Black Sea countries: producers, curators, artists of hybrid art, designers, musicians and vocalists, and in frames of this concrete project, creation by this interdisciplinary group of the concrete experimental production as the basis for the further long-term experimental-creative work in line of Hybrid and Multimedia Scenography.

Partner organizations:


Donor organization  Open  Society Institute, Arts and Culture Network Program – Budapest, Hungary.