1. Creative work – Exhibitions and Theatrical Projects

2. Educational Activity Scientific and Social Educational Activity:

  • Working Over the New Approaches
  • Publishing the works of the art experts
  • Arranging lectures
  • Seminars and colloquiums

3. Research of cultural policy and intercultural dialogue in Georgia:

  • – conferences
  • – publications
  • – research and educational meetings
  • – expertise of cultural policy
  • – strategic researches


  1. Theatrical Projects
  2. Union of Young Scenographers Exhibitions

2008 – “Treasury of the Georgian scenography” – George Gunia’s Anniversary Exhibition; Georgian National Museum, Georgian State Museum of Theatre, Cinema, Choreography and Music, Karvasla Gallery

2007 – Georgian School Exhibition on Prague Quadrennial 2007; exhibition theme: “Auditorium N 15 – Always at the Edge”; State Program Georgian Season georgianseason

2003 – Exhibition in Karvasla Gallery – “Modern Georgian Scenography”

2001 December – Exhibition and fancy-dress show in Public union “The New Movement” Hall

2001 October – Exhibition of young scenographers in “TMS” Gallery “YTA Union Presents”

2001 January – Exhibition and fancy-dress show in the National Library

2000 – Exhibition in USA Embassy “YTA Union Presents”

1998 – Exhibition of young scenographers at the “TMS” Gallery


Scientific-Educational Activity:

  • Working out of a new methodology.

The Long term project:

  •  Foundation of the new trend in modern   Georgian scenography -Virtual Theatre:
  • 1998 – The project Creation of   Specialized – Experimental Workshop   at the Faculty of Scenography and   Introduction to Video art Method –   HESP/14, financed by the OSGF. Joint   project fulfilled together with the Shota   Rustaveli State University of   Theatre and Film.

Results of the project 2002 – Golden Florin of the XX Florence Awards, Cultural Center Florence – Europe Mario Conti foundation for virtual version of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” by Manana Gunia (set designs, costumes)

Workshops, Lectures, Colloquiums:

  • History of Fine Arts
  • History of Contemporary Arts
  • History of Scenography
  • History of Theatrical Arts

The scenography studio at YTA UNION functions since 1998. The goal is to heighten the practical and theoretical skills of scenographers, concerned to different aspects of contemporary stage design.

Social-Educational Activity:

2006/2007 – Project “Let’s hold hand in hand”, partners TUTU – Azerbaijan and TUTU – Afghanistan. Arts and Culture Network Program of South Caucasus and Asia countries (OSI).

2001-2002 – the project Creation of the Educational Basis for the Beginner Show, Art and Advertising Business Structures, (financing of Horizonti Foundation. Co-producers LTD “Georgian Voices” and Public union “The New Movement”)


Projects in cultural policy:

2005/06 – Project “The Caucasian network of Cultural Observatories” Arts and Culture Network Program of OSI.

2005-06 – “Caucasian net program of cultural observatory, up ported by Budapest Institute of Open Society.

2004 – Project “Create the Conception of Culture and Tourism policy for development Tbilisi City Strategic Plan” (Financing of Georgia Municipality of Tbilisi City Service of Culture,)

2003/04 – Project “Observatory of Culture” – “New forms of collaboration of the Municipal, Business and non-governmental sectors in the sphere of cultural policy”. (Financing of Georgia Municipality of Tbilisi City Service of Culture,) joint project of YTA UNION and “Fund for Saving Culture”.

2002 – The founder and the member organization of the Coalition cultural NGO`s – “Cultural Front”

2001 – The Conference “Cultural Policy-Priorities and Strategy” (financing of Horizonti Foundation and Public union “The New Movement”).

In YTA UNION representatives of different professions – artists, actors, directors, theatre and art critics are united. Union members are the graduates and students of higher level. There are 30 members in union and nowadays.

YTA UNION PUBLICATIONS:2006 – ILIAZD #2 noncyclic edition. (Joint project of YTA UNION and AIRL

2004 – “Create the Conception of Culture and Tourism policy for development Tbilisi City Strategic Plan” (Joint project of YTA UNION and Fund for Saving Culture).

2001– “For Cultural Policy” – Brochure of the Conference “Cultural Policy – Priorities and Strategy”


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