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“The Unlocked Circle” – Georgian National Pavilion at the Prague Quadrennial 2019

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Sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia.

On June 6- 16, 2019 at PQ15 Georgia came out in the main Countries and Regions Section with the national pavilion “The Unlocked Circle”.


During the Prague Quadrennial 2019 the Georgian National Pavilion pursues the goal to document transformation of aesthetics of Georgian theatre and demonstrate political context, communication culture and interaction of artistic reflections.

Modern practice of Georgian theatre focuses on a wide range of dialogues, reflections on the essence and opportunities. The subjects of the dialogue unite local and global identities including wider paradigms and groups representing subcultures and gender...

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Georgian National Pavilion at PQ15

8 Agosto 2016 Articles

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სცენოგრაფიის ტიპთა მსგავსება და განსხვავება რობერტ სტურუას თეატრში

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ლეგენდა, მითი და ზღაპარი, როგორც ყოველი წარმოდგენის პირველწყარო, არის სცენიური მოქმედების სათამაშო გაფორმების ინსპირატორი. თვით სათამაშო გაფორმება იყოფა ორ ნაწილად: თამაში კოსტუმით და თამაში ნივთით/რეკვიზიტით/. მაგრამ უკვე სცენოგრაფიული პერსიონაჟების დომინირების დროს, თვით დეკორაცია, ანდა მისი ელემენტი ხდება მოთამაშე, ანუ გმირი...

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Manana Gunia’s Virtual Theater

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Born and grew up in Georgia…
Lives and works in Italy…
Dreams and creates in the virtual theater…

Manana Gunia, the Georgian set designer, ten years ago went for study to Florence, the town of her dreams (the scenography chair of Florence Academy of Art, the course of virtual scenography) and tied her creative work with the virtual theater.

She scored a first great success with her work created as far back in Tbilisi. This was the virtual setting and costumes for William Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest”: in 2002 at the International Competition of Artists in Florence “XX Premio Firenze” Centro Culturale Firenze-Europa “Mario Conti” she was awarded the Gold Medal in the nomination “Digital Arts & Multimedia”...

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