Preparation for the Prague Quadrennial

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Preparation for the PQ11

20 January – 10 June 2011

Curator Mrs. Gunia-Kuznetsova carried out additional work with  the students- competition winners;
Exhibition of selected works at the academic theater of Ilia State University in the beginning of June.
Creation of Georgian Student Pavilion – concept development, design, site implementation.


Exhibition’s Theme:
“We are such stuff As dreams are made on…..” – “The Tempest”   W. Shakespeare
The last twenty years (1989-2009) have significant value for Georgia: restoring independency, returning to Western democratic values, revolutions and wars, all these are important for the development of culture, which sometimes documentary reflects all the changes in the mentality of nation. Theatre, as one of the most vital and stable trends of Georgian art, became a leader of the mainstream.

The works of the students will be priory chosen at the competition to be held in the framework of YTA UNION at the end of 2010.
The subject of the competition- “We are such stuff as dreams are made on….” – gives the students the possibility for interpreting not only “The Tempest”, but Shakespeare’s other texts as well.
Choosing and interpreting Shakespeare’s plays the young scenographers will be able to show the depth of understanding of the external forms and their correspondence to the idea; it will revoke the associations, connected to the opposition of actual and virtual worlds; it will stimulate to rethink the connections and exclusions of conventional and spiritual values.
The concept of the exhibition provides creative rethinking Shakespeare’s texts and free compiling in one framework. Shakespeare texts can also be used as an individual artefact in the context of visual objects.
The artistic concept is also based on the principle of the “visual in visual”, “text inside text”.  The concept is established on the link/opposition of documental/artificial, real/imaginable.
The students’ exhibits can be in any forms of performing and visual art. Interdisciplinary project, using new technologies will be encouraged. The students of all performing and visual art schools can participate into the competition.