Prague International Quadrennial Preparatory Work

8 Agosto 2016 News

Prague International Quadrennial Preparatory Work
Symposium Spatial Curation
April 2-4, 2014 in Prague- Arts and Theatre Institute, Prague, Czech Republic
The artistic concept of the 2015 Prague Quadrennial PQ15 consists of three topics – music, politics, nature/weather. It offered the curators for national pavilions the different spaces in the center of Prague and extensive opportunities for experiments.
On April 2-4, 2014, in the context of the preparatory work of PQ15 Secretariat there was organized the curators symposium in Prague /Symposium Spatial Curation/April 2-4, 2014 in Prague/Arts and Theatre Institute, Prague, Czech Republic/.
In frames of the symposium the curators had an opportunity to get acquainted with the different spaces, where it was planned to conduct PQ15.
The Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia sent the national curator Nino Gunia-Kuznetsova to the symposium. Based on the analysis of the proposed spaces we selected a location for the exhibition space of 29 square meters on the first floor of the baroque villa Clam-Gallas Palace in the central part of the old part of the city.
The national curator and the pavilion designer Manana Gunia attended General curators presentations on all three topics of PQ15 artistic concept – Music, Politics, Nature/Weather as well as addresses of representatives of other countries and sections. Based on the information received the preparation for the creation of Georgian national pavilion began.