Prague International Quadrennial Preparatory Activities

8 Agosto 2016 NewsProjects

Prague International Quadrennial Preparatory Activities
5-15.09, 2013. – WORLD STAGE DESIGN 2013, OISTAT World Congress, Cardiff, UK.
In 2013 Valeian Gunia Union of Young Theatre Artists (YTA UNION) became a full member of OISTAT.
On September 5-15, 2013 in Cardiff (Wales, UK) was held the OISTAT International Forum WSD2013 / and World Congress, where the voting for full membership of aspirant members (including Georgia) took place.
Under the OISTAT Organizing Committee’s invitation the five-member delegation of Valerian Gunia Union of Young Theatre Artists (Nino Gunia-Kuznetsova, Tamar Bokuchava, Bekar Jumutia, Manana Gunia, Mariana Oklay) visited the city of Cardiff to attend WORLD STAGE DESIGN 2013 and OISTAT World Congress and to receive the OISTAT full member status.
4 significant events took place in frames of the visit of the Georgian delegation (05.09-15.09):
1. View of WSD2013 scenography exposition and survey and analysis of the theatre architecture competition “Design for a Temporal Sustainable Theatre”.
2. Participation in the OISTAT World Congress in part, in frames of which:
• Presentation of the Georgian National Center – YTA UNION;
• Participation in the election of the OISTAT President;
• Participation of the delegation members in the OISTAT Commissions.
3. Attendance by the research members of the delegation in the OISTAT research workshops – TESTing 2 0 1 3 – Staging Performance Design Research at World Stage Design-Open Research Workshop (9.09 -13. 09)
4. Attendance by the delegation members of the events organized by Scenofest.
5. Participation of the Georgian delegation in OISTAT World Congress & WORLD STAGE DESIGN 2013 took place in frames of the project “Prague Quadrennial Preparatory Work”.
The project was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia.