General Information on Tbilisi Biennale of Stage Design

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tbilisi biennaleThe Tbilisi International Biennale of Stage Design was initiated by the  Valerian Gunia Union of Young Theatre Artists – the OISTAT National Center of Georgia,  in 2016.
The Biennale aims to create conditions for professional development of young stage designers  and for intercultural dialogue.
The Biennale is a unique platform which is designed for young scenographers  to present themselves  and their implemented  projects; to review and assess the process ongoing in this art, to share their creative ideas, to arrange professional discussions, planning and development of joint projects.
The Tbilisi Biennale includes: exhibition and review of works of participants; roundtables, mini-presentations on the specific problems of contemporary art, stage design and production as well as the master laboratory – lectures and meetings with prominent artists.
The organizer of the Tbilisi International Biennale of Stage Design is the  Valerian Gunia Union of Young Theatre Artists – OISTAT National Center of Georgia.

General  information for participation
The Valerian Gunia Union of Young Theatre Artists – OISTAT National Center of Georgia is holding  the 2nd  Tbilisi International Biennale of Stage Design  on October 10-19,  2018.
All countries participating in the Biennale are responsible for settling the organizational, artistic and financial issues of own pavilions. Exhibition of each country is headed by a national curator who selects the participating artists.

Qualifying criteria for participants:
•    Age  – not over 35 years.
•    Work experience – at least  3 years of work in theater, cinema, television or other shows, as well as in multimedia scenography, including computer games.
•    The applicants selected by national curators of the respective countries are eligible to participate in the Tbilisi Biennale of Stage Design. National curators shall  manage the organization of expositions of their countries.

Qualifying criteria for works:
•    The implemented projects which premieres have been held in 2016-2018 will be  presented.
•    The following can be presented: scenery or costumes sketches, photos of performances, shows, footage of movies, animated films; installations, video art or multimedia scenography, including computer games design as well as costumes, dummies, puppets and so on in tangible form.
•    For foreign participants it is desirable to bring the original sketches, but if obtaining  special permit for export is complicated, a high quality printed version will be  allowed as well.

Selection procedure:
•    Representatives of guest countries will be selected by  national curators of the respective countries.
•    Georgian participants and the works presented by them will be selected by the Georgian Curatorial Committee.

Technical conditions and information:
•    The Georgian party will provide the  exhibition space and its maintenance.
•    Each participating country will be allocated 20-25 square meters of exhibition space; in case of joint exhibition of two or more countries – 50 square meters of exhibition space.
•    Two full working days will be allocated for the exposition  and 1 working day for uninstallation.
•    All specialized requests must be agreed preliminarily with the organizational group of the Georgian party and the exhibition space management.
•    The travel and exposition expenses should be paid by the participants themselves.

All applicants must  send:
•    Application form
•    Photo  (portrait)
•    CV
•    Work – the copies of at least 8 units of high resolution with relevant cataloging data (the name, author, director, place and date of the premiere, as well as size and material of the work); the digital version of the works must be sent to the email:
The deadline for submitting applications is  March 25, 2018