Changes in the format of Tbilisi Biennale of Stage Design 2020

7 Agosto 2020 NewsProjectsTbilisi Biennial of Scenography

Dear colleagues, curators and participants!

As Covid-19 pandemic has radically changed cultural life around the world, many important events have been postponed, and some international art events have changed their format and are being held online.

Despite the relatively positive epidemic situation in Georgia, there are strict restrictions on holding indoor cultural events; International flights have not been restored yet. As of August 3, the border is open only to citizens of France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Citizens of other countries are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine upon arrival.

The opening date of the tourist season and consequently the borders have been postponed twice.

There is a danger that the deadlines for opening the borders and international flights will be postponed again, which will make the arrival of some participants from non-green areas under the question.

In order to hold Tbilisi Biennial on planned dates (on October 18-28, 2020), the organizing group is working to adapt to the existing restrictions of the Biennial format.

Unfortunately, the format of the Biennial is changing. Accordingly, from three parts of the Biennial:

1. International exhibition of national and students’ expositions; 

2. Educational program MasterLab (lectures, master classes); 

3. Open forum 

The second and third parts will be held online.

The first part – the international exhibition, as planned, will be held at Tbilisi History Museum. At the same time, due to new rules of work and attendance of visitors in the museum space, the exhibition format and technical conditions will be different:

• Pavilion boxes will not be allowed.

• The works will be exhibited in the exhibition halls and open balconies.

• Video presentation of works is welcome.

• Due to the lack of a guarantee on the arrival of the participants, and for timely realization of the exhibition, the works must be sent by the participants with a guaranteed post by September 30 (originals, polygraphs, etc.). transportation in both directions should be covered by the participants.

• Participants who were planning difficult installations will have to hire local specialists to implement their expositions if they can’t arrive.

General exposition (by country) will be carried out by the Biennial Organizing Group.

All the issues of the exposition regarding the renaming the works or exposition format changes should be agreed with the Biennial Organizing Group. Accordingly, the visual and technical data of the primary works / pavilions should be provided to the organizing group no later than August 31 before 18:00pm.

Due to changes in the format of the Biennial, curators and participants are kindly requested to confirm or cancel their participation in the exhibition. Confirmation deadline – August 24 before 6:00p.m.


 Hopefully, despite the format changes, Biennial will be held realistically, even as a small step to overcome the cultural blackout during the pandemic.

Online catalog

A website / online catalog will be created for the Biennial.

Data of all the participants and selected works by countries will be posted online.

Materials to be sent:

• A short summary of no more than 200 words

• Photo (portrait)

• Copies of works: at least 8 units of high resolution copies with indication of the relevant cataloging data (name, author, director, location and date of the premiere, size and material of the works). Digital versions of the works should be sent to the following e-mail address:

Deadline – 31.08.2020

For detailed information on the regulations of crossing the Georgian border, visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia: